How Do You Know When You Have a Cavity?

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How do you know when you have a cavity, especially when it is just starting? To help you overcome this problem, we will explain how you can identify a forming cavity.

First, what is a cavity exactly? The simplest description is a hole or depression in your teeth. These holes are formed by acids that bacteria generate when they devour foods and sugars that get stuck on your teeth from meal times.

When a cavity is forming on your teeth enamel, noticing it is difficult. You can try looking for holes that seem like they do not belong. Cavities become easier to spot when they take on a black or brown color. They can also appear white, especially early on, though it might be a shade that differs from the rest of your teeth.

You may start to feel discomfort once the cavity hits the inner parts of your teeth, namely the dentin and pulp. You may experience increased sensitivity in those particular teeth. Biting down can cause some pain too. Pain may also come when you eat anything cold, hot, or sweet.

These symptoms should signal a need to visit the dentist. Dr. Michael Gardner will do all he can to treat the cavity.

To prevent future cavities, we recommend you brush twice a day, floss once, and make regular visits to Dr. Michael Gardner semi-annually. Keeping the amount of sugary and starchy foods at a minimum will also help avert cavities.

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