Has Your Filling Gone AWOL?

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While we try our hardest, sometimes dental fillings take a leave of absence, and you need to call the dentist for a replacement. Like people who go AWOL, the missing fillings tend to leave their assigned positions, namely your teeth, defenseless. Here are some things you can do to protect the weakened tooth and keep it comfortable.

You can put a tiny amount of clove oil, about a drop or two, into the opening, using a cotton swab for the job. Clove oil helps by reducing the discomfort. You can try looking for some clove oil at a supermarket or drugstore.

As for shoring up your defenses in the now-exposed opening, you can try putting some dental cement in it. You can try looking for dental cement at a pharmacy.

On an important side note, it is not a good idea to use standard glue. It is not made for your mouth, and it is very bad for you on the whole, so please do not use it to replace a filling or anything else that is dental related.

Food that gets inside the cavity opening can also draw in bacteria, your real enemies in this case. To give yourself a good shot at keeping food out, and in order to stay comfortable, try to chew on other side of your mouth. Never neglect brushing and flossing, but do be gentle on the tooth so you cause no further discomfort when cleaning out food. We suggest rinsing with warm salt water when you are done brushing, because it is gentle on the tooth.

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