3 Questions to Ask at Your next Dental Cleaning Appointment

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Routine dental visits are vital to maintaining a healthy smile. When you come into our office for a cleaning and checkup, we will provide a thorough evaluation of your oral health, typically with the help of dental X-rays. Next, we provide a professional cleaning to remove hardened plaque, along with a good flossing and polishing. To make the most of your visit, you may want to ask our dentist some questions to help you maintain your oral health.

First, how should you keep tooth decay and gum disease away from your smile? Consuming a balanced diet to keep teeth and gum health strong, taking the time to brush and floss diligently daily, and coming in twice a year for dental cleanings and evaluations unless your oral health requires additional cleanings. Health conditions and taking certain medications can impact your dental health and require additional cleanings.

Second, ask about tooth sensitivity if you have it. Do your teeth hurt when you eat or drink hot or cold, sticky, acidic, or sweet items? This can mean thinning of the tooth enamel from dental erosion, exposing the tooth pulp or dentin. If your gums are receding, or you grind and clench your teeth in your sleep, or you have chipped or fractured teeth, you may have tooth sensitivity. Our dentist will recommend appropriate treatment to help with this.

Third, if you suffer from tooth stains, ask about ways to whiten or brighten your teeth. Whether your pearly whites are discolored for extrinsic (surface) reason, or intrinsic (inside the teeth) there are options for returning luster to your smile. For example, if tobacco use, drinking coffee or wine or eating berries or tomato sauces have stained your teeth, teeth whitening treatments can help. If you have discoloration due to other factors affecting the inner tooth, you may benefit from composite bonding or dental veneers.

Is it time to schedule your next dental cleaning? If so, our dentists, Dr. Michael Gardner, Dr. Asal Gardner, and Dr. Maximillian Chang are ready to evaluate your smile and recommend treatment based on your needs. Just call Euclid Family Dentistry in Ontario, California, at 909-983-9639 and we are happy to help!